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8 awesome camera angles for perfect food photography

Discovering wonderful camera angles n astonish you with their vivid effect. But, for a quick  review, let’s discuss a few most largly used angles in food photography. Diagonal – A different way of looking at food. Shooting the product from the diagonal angle can give wonderful shots, especially when you have to shoot multiple pieces. […]

10 quick revisions before editorial food photo shoot

The food photo shoot is tomorrow. Just to check, revise the following – 1. Pick a simple yet pleasing settingThe essence of setting is to enhance the visual of the food. But if the former is too grand or glittering, we doubt you will achieve the main purpose. Plates with basic and contrasting colors are […]

Food Photography Now and Then

Ironically, there have been no or very few online sources enlightening us about the history of food photography. Yet, it has always been an integral part of advertising and branding. Let’s explore chronologically how the food photography as we know it evolved – So what if there were no cameras, there were paintings!So what if […]

10 Lighting techniques for flawless food photography

1. Widen the light source –If the window that is sourcing the light is broad enough, it will do a wonderful job of the reducing the contrast level, sheltering the unnecessary texture details, and dwindling the shadows. Place the subject near the window where it doesn’t receive the sunlight instantly but diffusely. Food photography tips […]

How to preserve green’s green

For food photography garnishing is very important, it grabs the viewer’s attention and draws them towards the image. While in the cold times of the year, the preservation of the herbs is not a big deal. But, during the hot season it becomes a challenge. The best way to get fresh herbs is to collect […]

How to keep the props clean

Are you sure, as  a client, the props that you brought will work well for the photography? Well, a prop might prove itself to be purposive enough. And, that compels an artist to reuse it during the same shoot. Your eyes are not magnifying glasses that they can observe all the towel or fingerprint marks. So, […]

Food photography online — a gateway to opportunities both for an amateur and the professional 

Every day, every hour – countless food photographs are uploaded online. BEWARE! The next photograph can be from the gallery of your shots. The online space  is boundless, you know. A gateway to opportunities both for an amateur and the professional – Blogs may even take the pictures taken by amateur photographers while e-books and websites seek more professional […]

Food Photography for Restaurants

Food Photography and restaurant – an inevitable bond We eat food, we see food and we breathe food in a restaurant. So, now let’s talk about ‘we see food’. Well nobody is a jerk. Firstly, a restaurant should look ‘foodie’ enough to make our mouth-watering activity even more restless. For the feature article, advertisement or menu, […]

Food Photography for Packaging

When it comes to images imprinted on packaging, what would you choose? Definitely, a finely packaged product with sophisticated images on it welcomes you more. When you open any box, its quality of packaging, pictures, design, and paper texture subconsciously affect you. It generates a ‘likeliness’ or ‘repulsion’ towards the product. So, the food photographs […]