Food photography for Advertising

The average person remembers around 10.000 faces or images. Would you like to have your product photography to be one of them?

Drooling pictures make you hungry like hell. Such tempting food photographs are shot with a lot of creativity and complex post production. Advertorials and editorials also have ample space for food photography, and it is no less creative than the advertising one.

The bread crumbs and all these lovely natural elements we see in the picture are deliberate.  Because a little mess can make the view unbelievably beautiful. In fact, in many cases, the food shot is not entirely genuine. If the food is not the major focus, but just a complementing element to the main product, then, non-edible ingredients can be used. So, the glittering syrup can be a motor oil or barbecue sauce with sugar. However, most of the recipe oriented promotions use the genuine content only.

Visuals are the initial precursors that promote a customer to buy your product. However, it works only for the first time and only if your product is good, they will buy it again.