Food Photography for Packaging

Food Photography for Packaging

When it comes to images imprinted on packaging, what would you choose? Definitely, a finely packaged product with sophisticated images on it welcomes you more. When you open any box, its quality of packaging, pictures, design, and paper texture subconsciously affect you. It generates a ‘likeliness’ or ‘repulsion’ towards the product. So, the food photographs as well, as the manner of wrapping need to communicate a strong message.

Food photography for packaging is indeed challenging. The food shots have to be in accordance with the quality of the paper, design, images, space and targeted influence. You also must have observed that there is more stress on the portion size rather than the serving suggestions. Also, a description is given to the photographer about the design of packaging and then they start to plan the shoot. Hence, design is laid out first and photography follows.

In fact, the scope for food photography is boundless. It appears on the packaging of kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, home decor, tableware and there’s no full stop to the list. Also, if the food is not the main product, the rules of photography differ too. The priority then becomes the product while the food remains only an element to highlight its uses beautifully. Luckily, in such cases, the necessity of using edible food becomes less relevant too. For example, if you advertise ice cream cones, the ice cream can be made from pure potato or other ingredients. Such tricks shall enable you to devote more time in showcasing the main product without worrying that food will melt or dry.

To conclude, if shooting time varies, it shall also create different moods for different products of the same range. It is not favorable. Therefore, the setup has to be altered for bringing up the same lighting effect. After all, customer has to appreciate your product’s packaging to make a further move of buying it.