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On an average, 8-hour photo shoot usually covers between 10-to 12 items/shots/dishes. If the setup is simple (a plate on the white background), we can cover more items. If the setup is complex with many props and details plus some specific mood/light, we will be able to cover the lesser number of dishes. Interiors may take more time than food shots (depends on place to place, availability of natural light, etc.)

We have flexible price system which usually covers all customer’s needs.

        • Half Day Assignment (4 hours) – Rs. 25000 + 18% GST
        • Full Day Assignment (8 hours) – Rs. 45000 + 18% GST
        • Extended Day Assignment (12 hours) Rs. 65000 + 18% GST

This includes a photo shoot provided by the team of 3-4 people, retouching and postproduction (from 2 to 7 working days), basic equipment usage; if the shoot is in the studio, it will also include the studio time; the usage rights for 3 years.

This doesn’t include Models, Props, Food Styling, Cooking, Food, Accommodation, and transportation if required. Special Equipment for rent if required, rented studio if required.

The client provides 50% advance before the shoot. The final payment is released after the approval of preview photographs by the client. The client also provides the team with lunch and snacks during the photo shoot.

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We are based in New Delhi but we can shoot all around the World if you wish 🙂